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                1st, Montreal 1985                                          2nd, Buenos Aires 2007

           3rd International 

Congress of the Laity, Fatima 2018 

Theme:  Peace    Justice    Care of Creation

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1. Donate by bank/wire transfer: 
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Curia Generalizia dell'Ordine dei frati Predicatori
Filiale di Roma (Via Cesare Battisti, 120-A, Roma)
Usage: International Congress ADBOOK + your full name
IBAN: IT53 P053 8703 2260 0000 0001 983
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Final Day for donations; July 31, 2018

Thanks for your generosity and assistance,

The Members of the ICLDF

(International Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities)

Hector Marquez (Central/South America), 

Belen Tangco (Asia/Pacific), 

Klaus Bornewasser (Europe), 

Joseph Komadina (North America), 

Felix Foko (Africa)

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Thank you for your generosity and assistance. You will be in our prayers.
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