U.S.A. and Canada

Lay Dominicans of North America   

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               The united* website of the         five North American Provinces:

Canada (St. Dominic) -English

Laics en Francais - French

 and the four provinces of the United States ---

Eastern (St. Joseph) 

Western (Most Holy Name of Jesus),

Central (St. Albert the Great) and

Southern .(St. Martin de Porres)

Western Province

Central Province

Southern Province

Click on the name of the province on the list above (blue) for the  specific provincial laity website with detailed information on that province.

Province of Canada

*Sponsored by the Dominican Laity Interprovincial Council (DLIPC). 

We have no separate national organization in the United States:

Each province has its own government within a cooperative international structure.

This site and its direct links are the only approved sites for each province.